Semanax – Learning more about this Semen Volume Enhancing Supplement

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Semanax – Learning more about this Semen Volume Enhancing Supplement

While size of the penis is one of the most important criterions for many individuals, one should remember that it is not the only sign of virility. Along with it is another important factor that one often forgets – Ejaculation. While ejaculation might not be an important criterion for many, imagine how it would look if you are having a powerful orgasm and only dripping a few lousy drops of semen. Your partner might end up feeling you are faking it and feel very sad.

Ejaculation also has an important say in fertility and sperm count of an individual. The amount of ejaculate also has an impact on the intensity of your orgasms as more the amount of ejaculate in the penis, your tool will remain in a state of contraction for a longer period of time to bring out all the ejaculate.

So, in order for you to improve your fertility or to improve the quality of your orgasms you need to have a larger semen volume while you ejaculate. So, how does one have an improvement to the volume of semen coming out of your penis during an orgasm? But, before we look at that we will first have a brief look at how the process of ejaculation occurs.

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The seminal fluid gets accumulated within the canal for ejaculation when sexual stimulation occurs. When the person is about to climax, there is a contraction of certain muscles groups like the pubococcygeus muscle along with rectum, anal sphincter, perineum, along with the chambers containing the ejaculate.

This contraction will influence the ejaculation process to occur which proceeds at a high intensity initially which gradually weakens until all the ejaculate comes out. The normal volume of ejaculate varies from person to person although the usual range is between 1.5ml to 5ml.

Although the semen volume is different from person to person, many of them are not satisfied with the volume that is seen as their intensity of climax may not be so high. Some might be frustrated because of their sperm content being very low. For many others, the presence of more amount of semen may just feel that they have enjoyed their act of sex a lot more and might communicate the same to their partners. So, when the semen volume goes down, they may just feel frustrated.

So, how does one go about improving the volume of semen? There are semen volume enhancement supplements like Semanax to the rescue of people wishing to have improvements to the volume of ejaculate. Semanax has been noted to increase the volume of semen by a whopping 500 percent thus improving the possibility of conception in people who have reduced sperm count and motility.

So, what happens when the volume of Semen goes up?

As discussed earlier, when the level of semen goes up, the intensity of orgasms are also improved quite a bit. This is because the muscles and the penis undergo longer and more intense contractions to shoot out all the semen from it. As the volumes are higher and the duration taken to ejaculate all the semen is longer, the orgasms lasts longer while being more intense.

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Many men are worried when their sperm counts are low or if their sperms have low motility. Such people who want to induce conception and impregnate their partner will benefit from increase semen volume as there are higher chances of having more sperms in the ejaculate and also improving the chances of these sperms reaching the egg and inducing pregnancy.

Sexual performance is a factor that is defined by many things. Sexual performance gets affected due to various factors, one of them stemming from insecurity. One such cause for insecurity is also attributed to low volume of semen. The increase in the volume of semen improves the confidence in the individual to perform thereby improving performance and stamina in bed.

The Advantages of Using Semanax

Semanax has been formulated by professionals in the medical field and concentrates on improving the volume of the semen. It contains only natural and organic constituents that help in bringing about a positive effect on every part of the male genitalia and the reproductive system and has a toning effect on the ejaculatory canal.

Semanax is a high quality product made out of ingredients of the highest medical grade quality in a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility. It primarily contains elements such as amino acids like L-arginine hydrochloride, L- lysine and L- carnitine. These constituents work towards improving the levels of testosterone and better sperm count as well as motility. It has other ingredients like catuaba bark, epimedium sagittum and maca to help in improving the libido and sexual stamina and other nutrients to help in improving the health of the reproductive system and the prostate.

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